May 26, 2013

postheadericon Blog move!

I've decided to let the name "redhouse" go, and instead just start using my name (M.Å.J. Jansson). Following that, this blog has now been moved to
The new blog will also be slightly different from the old one, as it will be filled with not only illustrations and paintings by me, but also texts and various other art projects. Because of that the new blog is called "m.å.j. jansson art".
So go there instead from now on! Hopefully much interesting content will be in store for the new blog :)

RIP redhouse.

postheadericon Watercolor practice 3

Tried a different way of painting with watercolors, painting relatively quickly in more a sort of Lars Lerin type of way.

May 24, 2013

postheadericon Watercolor practice 2

Some more watercolor practice.

May 22, 2013

postheadericon Watercolor practice

Practicing some watercolor painting. Did not turn out the way it was supposed to, but still not too bad.

May 17, 2013

postheadericon 17. mai

Happy 17th May, Norway :)

May 16, 2013

postheadericon Make a face in the wind

Hi, Sofie! Turn that frown upside down :)

May 14, 2013

postheadericon Voff?


May 12, 2013

postheadericon What the Folk?

The four day weekend is over... What the folk? :P

postheadericon Weekend update

Here's a few illustrations from this weekend. The first one is a Golden Takin, which is "an endangered goat-antelope native to the People's Republic of China".

May 10, 2013

postheadericon Oh, it's me again...

Self portrait.

May 5, 2013

postheadericon Hello, me

Oh, It's me. I didn't notice me there. So, what's up, me? Just hanging out? Yeah, me too. Well, hey, you sure do look colorful. Have a good one!

Apr 24, 2013

postheadericon Thursday Theme: Party

The blog has been silent pretty much since easter. But this week I thought I should take part in the Thursday Theme again. This week the theme was chosen by Lady Thirty, and is "Party" (or "kalas" in swedish). Here's my quick illustration on the theme. Note the joy in the wording ;P

Apr 6, 2013

postheadericon Illustration Friday: Urban

An Urban bear, for this weeks Illustration Friday on the theme "Urban".

postheadericon Post Easter Update

Hi all!
Last week was Easter  which I spent down in southern Sweden. Took a lot of photos while trampling around the spring terrain by the sea side, and some photos of Örenäs Castle, where we had Easter lunch. When I got home and went through the photos I found that I had two very similar photos of Örenäs Castle, but with different focus. So here's a silly gif animation of the two photos. Try not to get sea sick watching it :P

Mar 30, 2013

postheadericon Illustration Friday: Egg

Here's an illustration on the word "egg" for this weeks Illustration Friday.

Mar 28, 2013

postheadericon Thursday Theme: Easter magic

Made this weeks thursday theme illustration from the backseat of a Volvo, on my way down to southern Sweden. Here's my "easter magic" sketch:

Mar 24, 2013

postheadericon Morning light Shadow Reflection

While cleaning my living room this morning (which it very much needed), I saw a sort of shadow reflection in the vase on my piano. To me, it looked very much like... Well, like this (I hurried to draw it before it was gone):

Mar 23, 2013

postheadericon Hello

A Saturday bear saying hello.

Mar 22, 2013

postheadericon Thursday Theme: Sweet

I'm a bit late with the Thursday Theme this week (I mean, it's Friday already). The theme was "Sweet", so here's a little doodle of a fox on the run, as in the song "Fox on the run" by the group "Sweet".

Mar 16, 2013

postheadericon Poncho dude

Started sketching some type of dude in a poncho. Filled in with some promarkers.

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